RE: Mayonnaise

Section 0.1A

The following principles cover any reasonable questions you might have. For other questions, feel free to email our experts, experts@friedmayo.com, or send a letter to

Supporters of Mayonnaise
PO Box 7337
Berkeley CA 94707
Due to our high volume of email from interested parties and concerned citizens, and the various obligations of our staff (including testifying as experts), we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and in particular you.

Section 0.1A§α

Top 1 reasons to eat mayonnaise:
1) Divinity.

Section 0.1A§β

Top 1 reasons to ponder mayonnaise:
1) Mayonnaise is not a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

Section 0.1A§γ

Top 1 myths about mayonnaise:
1) Myth: Mayonnaise is Satanic, or otherwise evil.
Fact: Mayonnaise is not Satanic or otherwise evil. Learn More

Section 0.1A§δ

Top 1 misconceptions about Mayonnaise:
1) Misconception: Mayonnaise is racist.
Fact: Mayonnaise is off-white. Learn More

Section 0.1A§ε

Top 1 errors of judgement concerning Mayonnaise:
1) Error of Judgement: Mayonnaise is disgusting.
Fact: Mayonnaise is the right choice. Learn More