The following are perfectly preserved specimins from the actual creation. This is not a reenactment.

Exhibit I

Attempt to open the oil.

Exhibit II

Pour the oil.

Exhibit III

Relax and pour the oil.

Exhibit IV

Remove the bread from its location. Try to stop shaking.

Exhibit V

Try to plug in the blender.

Exhibit VI

Try harder.

Exhibit VII

Pause for a moment to reflect on what you are about to do.

Exhibit VIII

Look intelligent.

Exhibit IX

Face the facts.

Exhibit X

Try to come to terms with them.

Exhibit XI

Try to stabilize your vision.

Exhibit XII

Do not fall into the hot oil.

Exhibit XIII

Seperate the eggwhites.

Exhibit XIV

Everythings going to be OK.

Exhibit XV

Look at yourself in a spoon.

Exhibit XVI

contaminate the eggwhites with potato starch and white flour.

Exhibit XVII

Make it ugly.

Exhibit XVIII


Exhibit XIX

Perfection lost.

Exhibit XX

Eat it (not all of it).

Exhibit XXI

Form a line.

Exhibit XXII

Find out whos different.

Exhibit XXIII

Put your hands behind your head.

Exhibit XXIV

Do not step out of line. Do what you have to do.

Exhibit XXV


Exhibit XXVI

See the light.

Exhibit XXVII

The light purifies.

Exhibit XXVIII

And is covered.

Exhibit XXIX

And the world beholds an infant.

Exhibit XXX

Ready to live.

Exhibit XXXI


Exhibit XXXII

The tender youngling...

Exhibit XXXIII

is released.

Exhibit XXXIV

Out of sight.

Exhibit XXXV


Exhibit XXXVI


Exhibit XXXVII



A mate.

Exhibit XXXIX


Exhibit XL

The world is stunned.

Exhibit XLI

Ritual is remembered.

Exhibit XLII


Exhibit XLIII

Ambrosia in the mouth of a man.

Exhibit XLIV

It is not a dream.

Exhibit XLV

Step up production.

Exhibit XLVI


Exhibit XLVII

The Mayonnaise Blossom.

Exhibit XLVIII

Awareness hovers between the earthly and the divine.

Exhibit XLIX

The tie that binds.

Exhibit L

A proud father.

Exhibit LI

The fatigue of sheer creation.

Exhibit LII

A white powder.

Exhibit LIII

A final inspiration.

Exhibit LIV


Exhibit LV

Breathtaking beauty.

Exhibit LVI


Exhibit LVII

Man's gift to God.

Exhibit LVIII