Social Change
through Mayonnaise


Our goal is to raise levels of mayonnaise awareness. E Plurebus Unum. Suffuse the frying pot with pro-mayonnaise phrases. Contribute your own insights into expressing the mystery of mayonnaise to


Stay mayonnaised.

Gentlemen, start your mayonnaise.

The best laid plans of men and mayonnaise.

Do you believe in mayonnaise?

The best thing since sliced mayonnaise.

Rolling in mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise: the fluid of our lives.

Whatever fries your mayonnaise.

Once more unto the mayonnaise, dear friends.

We stood on the shoulders of mayonnaise to accomplish something great.

One small step for man; one giant leap for mayonnaise.

Don’t play with me ’cause you’re playin’ with mayonnaise.

The mayonnaise of my mayonnaise is my mayonnaise.

There are exactly, and only, two kinds of people in the world, those that understand mayonnaise, and...

That's mayonnaise, bitch!

Is there anything mayonnaise can't do?

Forged in raw mayonnaise.


Also, improve your erudition through use of the mayonnaise dictionary. Submit your personal words and phrases and help define a better, more gelatinous language.


Biomayonics     the study of mayonnaise-based organisms.


Crème de la Mayonnaise     the elect.


get may’d     to be satisfied by mayonnaise.


lush puppies     deep fried mayonnaise balls


Mayodynamics     the study of mayonnaise in motion.

Mayonet     the expanding sector of the internet devoted to mayonnaise.

Mayonics     the scientific study and application of mayonnaise.

Mayonite     a good person.

Mayostatics     the study of dormant mayonnaise.

MDA     Mayonnaise Dipping Area. A sacred area used to anoint food with mayonnaise.


Particle Mayonics     the study of the fundamental particles of mayonnaise.


Quantum Mayonics     the study of the indivisible quanta of mayonnaise and whether mayonnaise exists in isolation from the rest of the universe.


suffer     to be devoid of mayonnaise.